Their lives intersect instantly during the Jerusalem after they be stuck in new vortex out of spiritual and you will governmental extremism

Their lives intersect instantly during the Jerusalem after they be stuck in new vortex out of spiritual and you will governmental extremism

(Memoir, 222pp. Italian, 1963; English translations, 1965, 2015) And authored as the Truce, Levi’s memoir identifies their unusual and you may eventful 30-five-go out journey where you can find Italy by way of this new Soviet Connection, Hungary, and Romania adopting the their liberation out of Auschwitz. Guide on Wollheim Art gallery

Joan Leegant: Anywhere you go

(Fiction, 253 pp. 2010) Around three more youthful Western Jews-a Talmud teacher, a college dropout, and a good secular The brand new Yorker estranged of their ultra-religious cousin-is drawn to Israel for various causes. Dialogue questions Opinion by the Alana Newhouse, Ny Times, Review because of the Beth Kissilef, Forward, Interviews (4 minute.)

Savyon Liebrecht: Men, a lady, and you will a man

(Fictional, 256 pp. Hebrew, 1998; English interpretation, 2001) This book by one of Israel’s really notable writers shows the fresh complex underpinnings regarding an enthusiastic adulterous love. Hamutal and you may Saul’s liaison blossoms all of a sudden regarding Tel Aviv medical home where they are available to see the suffering parents, providing them emotional security while they have a problem with its dating having their own families. Review: Kirkus Opinion: Institute into Interpretation away from Hebrew Literary works Bio

Eleanor Lipman: This new Inn on River Devine

(Fiction, 253 pp. 1998) Inside up-to-date screwball funny, Lipman makes use of a deft and you may white-given trend to experience anti-Semitism, intermarriage, and her heroine’s quest for interior growth and ily. Dialogue questions Remark by Lore Dickstein, Nyc Times, July 19, 1998 Review because of the Liesel Litzenburger, il Tribune, June fourteen, 1998 Bio “Kutsher’s Resort” (design for “Lodge Halseeyon”) of Wikipedia

Lynda Cohen Loigman: The two-Friends Domestic

(Fictional, 304 p. 2016) A couple group into the post-war Brooklyn try inextricably connected by bloodstream, marriage, and you may a lengthy-kept wonders. That it introduction novel is actually permeated having pledge, delight, heartbreak, betrayal, craving, and you may disappointment. Conversation guide in the Jewish Guide Council Kirkus Opinion Remark because of the Evie Saphire-Bernstein, Jewish Book Council Comment from the Rivkah Lambert Adler, The fresh new Jerusalem Article, [needs registration] Author’s Mention: Leslie Lindsay interviews Lynda Cohen Loigman

Michael Lowenthal: New Paternity Test

(Fictional, 288 pp. 2012) That have relocated out-of Nyc to a cottage inside the Cape Cod, several people in the a long-label relationships enroll a good Brazilian Jewish immigrant so you can act as an excellent surrogate motherplications occur as this profile-inspired book sensitively and you can humorously explores homosexual ics, sex and fidelity. Discussion questions and remark because of the Wayne Hoffman Remark by Eric Liebetrau, Boston Community, bda Literary Comment, Michael Graves interview Lowenthal Judy Bolton-Fasman interview Lowenthal Article by the Michael Lowenthal, “Behind the scenes”

Michael David Lukas: The final Watchman from Dated Cairo

(Fiction, 288 pp. 2018) The storyline of a great Berkeley literary works beginner exploring their Jewish mom and Muslim father’s tangled origins regarding reputation of Cairo’s ancient synagogue is actually connected with this from British twin sisters, Agnes and you will connection towards the a mission to help you rescue sacred messages one have started to drop off from the synagogue. Kirkus Review Opinion by Esther Nussbaum, Jewish Publication Council Comment of the Natalie Bakopoulos, Bay area Chronicle, Feedback because of the Brandon Yu, Eastern Bay Show, Lydia Kiesling interviews Michael David Lukas, The brand new Millions,

Michael David Lukas: The newest Oracle regarding Stamboul

(Fictional, 304 p. 2011) Set in the center of one’s Ottoman Empire into the first numerous years of the crazy refuse, it introduction novel employs a talented litttle lady whom dares so you’re able to attraction good sultan-and alter the category of the past. Since the sultan’s interest in this lady increases, therefore, also, do their reputation and you can advantages, thoughEleonora was not knowing in the event that the woman brand new character is what she wishes away from salir con profesional existence. Book dialogue book (of the Studying Circle) Guide conversation book (Jewish Book Council) Kirkus Review Comment by Feedback because of the Henry L. Carrigan, Jr., Jewish Guide Council Opinion because of the James Hynes, New york Minutes, . Martha Woodroof profiles Michael David Lukas, NPR, Michael Krasny interviews Michael David Lukas, (58 min, video)